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ProFractional™ Skin Resurfacing

The beauty of our skin is how adaptable it is. It protects us from harsh environments and harmful UV rays. It showcases youth and radiance, and it contributes to our emotional health and well-being.

The body’s healing response is a powerful ally for giving skin what it needs to be youthfully firm and beautifully radiant. That’s why we offer the ProFractional™ skin resurfacing treatment at Shine MD. By using the body’s healing properties, we can smooth away skin imperfections, minimize fine lines and wrinkles, repair scars caused by acne or trauma, tighten skin, and reverse the signs of aging and sun damage.

How Does ProFractional™ Skin Resurfacing Work?

ProFractional™ skin resurfacing works by creating thousands of microchannels in the skin rather than removing the skin’s entire surface. By leaving bridges of tissue between the channels intact, ProFractional™ laser treatment requires a shorter recovery with less discomfort for the patient.

The system’s versatility allows Dr. Mona Khurana, and the team at Shine MD to customize every ProFractional™ skin resurfacing treatment to each patient’s specific skin condition and aesthetic concerns.

The microchannels prompt the body’s healing response to repair the skin and surrounding tissues, replacing damage with new, healthy skin cells. Additionally, the laser’s energy stimulates the fibroblasts within the skin where collagen fibers are made. Collagen is the skin’s greatest support network. Over time, these fibers can weaken and become slow to replenish.

With ProFractional™ skin resurfacing, new collagen fibers create a network of support that firms and tightens skin, minimizes wrinkles and gives patients a more supple, youthful appearance. ProFractional™ skin resurfacing’s most commonly treated areas are the face and neck.

Benefits of ProFractional™ Skin Resurfacing

No surgery is required.

Tightening your skin, improving your collagen fiber network, and diminishing lines and wrinkles can be done without having invasive surgery, such as a facelift. ProFractional™ skin resurfacing can take years off your appearance without surgical intervention.

Easier recovery.

ProFractional™ skin resurfacing creates controlled injuries to the entire surface of your skin in the treatment area. By leaving intact tissues between the microchannels, recovery is significantly shortened compared to other previous generations of laser resurfacing treatments.

Highly customizable.

Your Shine MD specialist can control many aspects of the laser’s energy, including its depth and intensity, for a treatment tailored exactly to your specific concerns. Your customized treatment plan at Shine MD is designed to improve your skin in the ways you need it most.

Long-lasting results.

You’re not just repairing damaged skin cells; you’re replacing them with new, healthy skin cells and fresh collagen fibers. Because of this, you’re resetting the age of your skin. Depending on the depth of your treatment, you can expect your ProFractional™ skin resurfacing results to be long lasting and cumulative if regular and sequential treatments are performed.

At Shine MD, our priority is bringing our patients the best in skin care safely, effectively, and with compassion. When our patients reconnect with their inner confidence, we are proud to have been a part of that process. It’s what we hope to deliver to every client we see. If you’re ready to let your light shine and rediscover youthful, radiant skin and the confidence it brings, call us today.

Learn More About ProFractional™ Skin Resurfacing

Depending on your skin’s condition and your aesthetic goals, we recommend between 1 and 4 skin resurfacing treatments to improve your skin’s appearance and underlying health. These sessions are typically scheduled 3-6 weeks apart to allow for full healing between appointments.

Because the ProFractional™ skin resurfacing treatment creates a grid pattern of microchannels rather than removing the topmost layer of skin, the procedure is much more comfortable for patients than previous generations of laser technology. We’ll begin your session with the application of a topical anesthetic cream to allow for the greatest comfort during your treatment. You may also request the use of nitrous oxide or Pronox to further improve your patient experience. Then, the laser energy is directed at your skin in smooth, sweeping motions for maximum coverage.

The ProFractional™ skin resurfacing system does not create as much of a thermal reaction as other skin resurfacing treatments available, so there is less heat in your tissues to cause pain or increase recovery times. Each session may take around 30 minutes to complete.

You can expect to experience a few days where your skin will feel tender and appear reddened, much like having a sunburn. This sensation will subside in 3-5 days. While this is not an extensive recovery period, many patients may feel more comfortable having a few days and up to one week of social downtime to rest and give their skin time to heal.

It is important to use sunscreen any time you are exposed to the sun during your recovery, as you’ll be more sensitive to sunlight.

ProFractional™ skin resurfacing works in two ways—both at the surface and deeper in the dermis. You’ll notice within days of your first session that your skin is smoother and more evenly toned, with textural imperfections and age spots or sun damage becoming less visible. These will continue to diminish after each session.

If you are treating scarring, deeper lines, wrinkles, or skin laxity, your improvements will accumulate over time as new skin cells replace the old, damaged cells. It also takes a few weeks before collagen production improvements become visible. Your skin becomes tighter, firmer, and thicker as time goes on. These improvements can continue building for weeks or even months.

Some skin changes such as redness or mild to moderate hyperpigmentation can result from treatments. With aggressive acne scarring or texture resurfacing protocols, the development of pigment and redness is often a trade off for textural improvement. This may require the use of other lasers such as the Forever Young BBL™ or Moxi® Laser.

Men and women who are seeking improvement to their skin and are in general good health make excellent candidates for ProFractional™ skin resurfacing treatment.

The ProFractional™ skin resurfacing system by Sciton is capable of improving most skin types and treats a range of skin conditions, like sun damage, lines and wrinkles, scarring, and other imperfections. The adjustable depth of the laser beam gives us great potential in improving your skin concern.

If you’re concerned about your skin’s condition and would like to improve your confidence, schedule a consultation at Shine MD today to get started on your skin care journey.

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