Microneedling, also known as Collagen Induction Therapy, is the process of using fine needles to puncture the skin to a controlled depth. It is a safe and effective treatment for a variety of skin conditions that leaves the skin visibly smoother and healthier.

Microneedling For Acne Scars

The SkinPen® microneedling device used at Shine MD is Health Canada approved for the treatment of acne scars and has been clinically proven to make a visible difference in the appearance of acne scars after just three treatments.

Dr. Mona Khurana, and the team at Shine MD’s Acne Clinic are professionally trained to treat acne and acne scarring. If you struggle with acne scarring, speak to one of our knowledgeable staff members to see if microneedling may be the right treatment option for you.

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At Shine MD, we use the SkinPen® microneedling device, which is Health Canada approved for the treatment of melasma, acne scars, and surgical scars. The tip of the SkinPen® contains many small needles, which are carefully used to puncture thousands of microchannels into the skin. These tiny punctures stimulate the body’s natural wound healing process, leading to an increase in the production of elastin and collagen, two of the most crucial proteins in the skin. As the body repairs the punctures, it also produces new, healthy skin cells. The new skin cells replace older skin cells that have experienced damage from trauma, acne, sun exposure, or aging.

The treatment is minimally invasive, and the fine needles are specifically designed to create as little cell damage as possible. This allows your skin to experience the rejuvenating effects of new cell production without harming the overall structure of the skin.

After a few treatments, the skin is visibly smoother in both tone and texture. The SkinPen® microneedling device has been rigorously tested for safety and clinically proven to improve the appearance of wrinkles of the neck and acne scars. The treatment is also effective for facial fine lines and wrinkles, hair growth stimulation, skin tightening, and stretch marks.

Microneedling treatments can be augmented with platelet-rich plasma to produce even more dramatic results. The natural healing properties of our body’s platelets can be harnessed in PRP, and combined with microneedling treatments to increase cell renewal.

You microneedling can also be customized with topical solutions that contain tranexamic acid, growth factors and vitamin C. These help to improve pigmentation, boost collagen production and brighten your skin.

Before your microneedling treatment begins, one of our staff members will apply a topical anesthetic to your skin to numb the treatment area and minimize any discomfort or pain. Once the area is numb, the SkinPen® device is slowly moved over the surface of your skin and used to create an even distribution of microchannels.

Once the treatment begins, it only takes about 30 minutes to complete. Multiple treatments are recommended for best results and should be spaced about one month apart.

There is minimal downtime with this short and well-tolerated procedure. As a natural response to the treatment, the skin increases inflammation, so you may experience some minor tenderness and skin irritation. You may also see redness in the skin for a few days after treatment. It is crucial to wear a good sunscreen after a microneedling treatment, as your skin will be more sensitive to the sun.

Microneedling gives your skin a much-needed reset, smoothing visible texture and brightening the overall complexion. Using the skin’s own regenerative power, microneedling can fade acne scarring, lighten dark spots and hyperpigmentation, improve skin tone, and smooth fine lines and wrinkles. In a clinical trial, SkinPen® found that ninety percent of the trial subjects would recommend the procedure to family and friends.

Multiple treatments of microneedling are recommended to achieve the best results. Your skin works quickly to heal and rejuvenate, and you may see results within a couple of weeks. The most visible results are apparent after three or more treatments. Microneedling can also be combined with platelet-rich plasma for improved results.

The SkinPen® microneedling device has been clinically proven to be safe and effective on all skin types. Unlike many alternatives, microneedling is also safe and effective on skin tones ranging from very light to very dark.

Microneedling can be an excellent option for men and women with a variety of skin concerns. However, you should not undergo microneedling on areas where the skin is irritated or there are open wounds. The treatment is most frequently performed on the face but can be performed on many other areas of the body, depending on your unique skin concerns.

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