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NeoClear Acne Laser

The NeoClear ® acne laser system has won the inaugural Cosmopolitan Holy Grail Acne Award (2021). This recognition places NeoClear at the top of the ranks with respect to being one of the most effective active treatment laser systems that exists.

NeoClear is a powerful acne laser treatment that eliminates the major factors causing acne including excess sebum production, inflammation, and acne causing bacteria.

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How Does NeoClear Work?

The unique settings of the 650-microsecond device allows energy to penetrate deeply into the skin within a highly safe and tolerable pulse to reduce sebum production, suppress inflammation, and destroy acne causing bacteria to help clear current acne breakouts. Also, the deep heating energy helps build collagen, which can reduce the appearance of acne scars, improving skin radiance and texture. The treatment is very comfortable with minimal downtime and pain. Numbing is not required and the treatment does not require any contact with your skin. Treatments take anywhere from 10-30 minutes and can be performed on any part of the body.


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NeoClear is a special treatment as there are no side effects, is very comfortable for patients, and the results can be seen quickly – in as little as a single treatment. Patients are advised to complete a series of four to six treatments, one to two weeks apart.

Improvement can be seen in 4-8 weeks post treatments. After your initial treatment series, maintenance treatments may be required. The number of treatments required and clearance of acne depend on many factors such as the baseline degree of medical conditions and the use of medications and skin care targeting acne.

The downtime is minimal with NeoClear acne laser treatments.

All skin types are able to receive the NeoClear treatment safely. Younger patients tolerate this treatment very well.

The treatment is not performed if you are pregnant or have active cold sores.

We recommend stopping your topical retinol and other active skin care 1 week before treatment to minimize skin irritation.

Patients with a history of cold sores can be pre treated with anti-viral medication to minimize the possibility of triggering a cold sore from the treatment.

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