Skin Lesions

Skin lesions and moles are incredibly common, and most people will develop some form of skin lesion during their lives. Many of the most common skin lesions are completely harmless and do not require any medical intervention. However, other lesions should be assessed by a physician.

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At Shine MD, we understand that skin lesions and moles can be irritating and aesthetically bothersome. That is why we offer both medical and aesthetic skin lesion removal treatments.

Learn More About Skin Lesions

Skin lesions can be caused by a wide variety of factors, depending on the type of lesion. Some of the most common skin lesions can be hereditary, like moles and birthmarks. Moles form when melanocytes, skin cells that produce melanin, grow in clusters.

While many skin lesions are completely harmless, others can be cause for concern, especially those that can become cancerous. If you have a mole or skin lesion that is changing quickly, or is irregular in pigment and borders, it will require a medical assessment by one of our physicians.

A referral is required from your family physician or a walk in physician for assessment by one of the physicians at Shine MD. Abnormal appearing moles will be removed as a medical biopsy and sent for pathology assessment. This is a covered benefit by the Medical Services Plan of British Columbia. Moles that are deemed to be benign with no worrisome features can be removed by our physicians.

Some common forms of skin lesions include:

  • Moles can occur anywhere on the body, and many moles are harmless. However, moles that grow in size or change shape or color should be examined by a physician. Moles can also be cause for concern if they start to itch, flake, or bleed.
  • Skin tags can appear anywhere on the body, and look like small flaps of excess skin that are attached to the skin by a thin stalk. These lesions are usually harmless.
  • Seborrheic keratoses are common lesions that can appear flat or raised and have a waxy or scaly texture. These lesions are more likely to develop as you get older.
  • Sebaceous hyperplasia is a condition that causes small, skin-toned bumps on the skin. They occur when sebum gets trapped under the skin, enlarging the skin glands. These lesions are harmless but can be aesthetically bothersome. While these lesions are easily treated with Erbium Laser, sebaceous hyperplasia is a recurring issue and lesions may not resolve with a single laser treatment.

Treatments for Skin Lesions and Moles at Shine MD

Moles and other skin lesions can be diagnosed and removed by our physicians at Shine Md. If any concerning features are present, your skin lesion removal and biopsy will be covered by the Medical Services Plan of British Columbia. More information is available on our MSP Referral page. Moles that are removed purely for cosmetic reasons are not a covered benefit by the Medical Services Plan.

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