Forever Clear BBL®

Shine MD proudly offers acne laser treatments performed using a research-proven technology called Forever Clear BBL®. At Shine MD’s Acne Clinic, our trained staff understands not only the scientific data behind acne and acne treatment, but also the mental and emotional turmoil that can arise from skin conditions. That is why our mission is to make medical-grade acne care easily accessible to our patients

How Does Forever Clear BBL® Work?

Forever Clear BBL® is an innovative technology that utilizes the power of Intense Pulsed Light (IPL) to treat acne and acne scarring. BBL stands for BroadBand Light, which is currently the most powerful IPL technology on the market. Sciton®, the creator of Forever Clear BBL®, offers multiple Broad Band Light devices to treat a variety of skin concerns, including aging, undesired pigmentation, and redness.

The technology has been proven through consistent and reproducible clinical results to provide dermal renewal, supporting healthy skin. We also offer BroadBand Light treatments that primarily focus on skin rejuvenation (Forever Young BBL®) and permanent hair removal (Forever Bare BBL®).

Forever Clear BBL® utilizes particular forms of Broad Band Light that are specifically designed to treat the underlying causes of acne and acne scarring. This procedure has a three step protocol:

Step 1: Blue light targets bacteria.

Acne lesions form when excess sebum (the oily substance that moisturizes your hair and skin) and dead skin cells clog pores. When pores in the skin become clogged, bacteria can fester under the surface of the skin, damaging the tissue. Forever Clear BBL® uses blue BroadBand Light to target and reduce these bacteria, helping to heal active breakouts and prevent further tissue damage.

Step 2: Yellow light decreases inflammation and redness.

When bacteria become trapped under the skin in a pimple, the body naturally reacts by increasing inflammation in the skin. The inflammation present in the acne lesion can cause increased pain, redness, and scarring. Using yellow BroadBand Light, Forever Clear BBL® reduces inflammation in the skin and calms acne-associated redness.

Step 3: Infrared light heats the sebaceous glands.

Finally, the Forever Clear BBL® system uses infrared light to heat the skin and initiate the body’s natural healing response. The sebaceous glands are where your body produces sebum, the oily substance that can clog pores and lead to acne. By treating the sebaceous glands with infrared light, the glands are less likely to overproduce sebum, preventing future breakouts. The infrared light also stimulates collagen production, which can improve the appearance of skin texture and also provide subtle improvements in acne scars.

Learn More About Forever Clear BBL®

The Forever Clear BBL® treatment only takes about 30 minutes to perform, depending on the areas being treated. During the procedure, you will feel slight warmth from the Intense Pulsed Light (IPL). With each pulse of light, you will also feel a mild sensation similar to a gentle rubber band snap. We recommend a series of treatments spaced two weeks apart for best results.

There is minimal downtime after a Forever Clear BBL® session, and patients can immediately return to their usual activities. You may experience redness for up to 24 hours after the procedure. This is a major benefit of the treatment, as many alternative acne treatments can cause more serious skin irritation, which can take several days to resolve. Forever Clear BBL® is fast, comfortable, and non-invasive, making it a great option for those who can not take time off of work or school.

Forever Clear BBL® may offer visible results after just one session, but multiple treatments spaced two weeks apart are recommended for optimal results. You may notice visible improvement in your skin about two weeks after each session, with maximum results after 12 weeks.

After a series of Forever Clear BBL® treatments, you will notice a decrease in redness and skin irritation, as well as a more even skin tone and coloration. The treatment decreases the appearance of acne scars, particularly scars that contain redness. As an added benefit, there are also subtle and cumulative improvements in the skin’s texture.

While the results from Forever Clear BBL® are long-lasting, acne is a complex condition, and we recommend maintaining your results with continued treatments. Shine MD also offers a variety of other acne treatments at our Acne Clinic that can supplement and improve the longevity of your results.

You may be an ideal candidate for Forever Clear BBL® if you are struggling with acne and/or acne scarring, as well as other skin tone and texture issues. During your consultation with a member of our trained staff, we will provide our professional recommendations for treating your specific skin concerns.

Forever Clear BBL® Pre and Post Care Instructions

At Shine MD, your comfort and safety are our top priority. In order to ensure that you have the best experience possible, we have compiled a list of guidelines to follow before and after your treatment. Click on the button below to learn more.

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Before Your Treatment
  • No direct sun exposure for at least four weeks prior to your laser treatment. Do not intentionally tan or spend significant time in the sun without total sun barrier protection and the use of sunscreen. As much as one hour of direct sun is enough to postpone your treatment.
  • Do not use self tanning lotions for one month prior to your treatment.
  • If you use a hydroquinone based skin care product, do not use this on the day of your treatment.
  • Avoid products or treatments that can irritate the skin such as chemical peels and waxing for two weeks before treatment.
  • Avoid retinols, topical antibiotics, hydroquinone, exfoliants, etc. for three days prior to treatment.
  • Notify your provider if you have ever had a cold sore as you will require an antiviral medication to prevent the triggering of a cold sore. If you have had cold sores, you should take antiviral medication starting the day before your treatment.
After Your Treatment
  • You may experience redness, burning, warmth and a sunburned sensation after your treatment that can last for a few hours post treatment. You can take Tylenol or Advil as needed and apply cool compresses to your skin. Some patients have facial swelling for up to 3-5 days after the treatment.
  • You may apply Vitamin E or Aloe Vera to the treatment area to soothe the skin.
  • You will use a mild skin care product such as Vivier Hexxam, Cerave or Cetaphil until your skin has started to settle. Avoid topical skin care products containing retinol, salicylic acid or glycolic acid until your skin has returned to normal.
  • Use moisturizer and sunscreen consistently after your treatments.
  • You may wear make-up if there is no blistering or other compromise in the skin barrier.
  • Avoid sun exposure and continue to wear sunscreen for four weeks after your treatment. Total sunblock includes zinc oxide or titanium dioxide. Delayed blistering can occur with delayed sun exposure.
  • No shaving treated areas as long as they are red or swollen.
  • If any blistering occurs apply polysporin to the treatment area and please contact the team at Shine MD.