TCA Cross

TCA CROSS is an acronym for Chemical Reconstruction of Acne Scars. It is one of the approaches that can be taken to improve the appearance of acne scarring.

Trichloroacetic acid is a chemical that causes inflammation when applied to the skin in higher concentrations. This inflammation causes a skin reaction or controlled injury that then leads to collagen formation in the treated area. 

The main goal of TCA CROSS treatment is to improve the depth and demarcation of Box Car and Ice Pick Scars.

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TCA CROSS is a quick and easy in office procedure that is performed by a physician. The treatment is performed as a series of four treatments, spaced two to four weeks apart.

Your face is cleansed and a small wooden applicator is used to apply the solution to the areas selected for treatment. The procedure may cause a small amount of discomfort that is well tolerated. Your skin will become white in the area of treatment; this is referred to as frosting.

Yes there is downtime. Your skin will have a white frosty appearance in the areas of treatment.The skin could be red and inflamed for a few days, followed by a possible scab. You should wash with mild soap and water and keep the area covered with Aquaphor, Alastin Healing Balm or Vivier V Stat Scar Repair Gel. After this initial healing phase, you will may have redness or pigmentation in the areas for some time. Sunscreen is an important part of the post care.

TCA CROSS is most ideal for ice pick and box car scars. It is ideal for treating focal areas. For diffuse scarring, it is best to complement TCA CROSS with other resurfacing laser treatments such as the Halo laser.

Patients with darker skin types or mixed racial background are at higher likelihood of developing post inflammatory hyperpigmentation from this treatment. A treatment plan for such, must be carefully considered with your physician and alternative options should be explored. A test spot will be treated to assess skin response and healing.

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